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Blow The Whistle (7")

Blow The Whistle (7")

Too Short
Too Shorts 2006 certified club staple Blow The Whistle gets the 7 treatment, and its safe to say for the first time ever. Short Dog has long been Hip Hop royalty with countless classic singles and album and Blow the Whistle might be the biggest. Its been referenced countless times, epic call outs – whats my favorite word, Drake grabbing a few lines to paraphrase - this song has staying power and relevancy only a legend like Too Short can bring. Doesnt hurt that Lil Jon came with some heat for the beat as well. Buy it, these will all be gone soon.
  • $12.98

  • Blow The Whistle (7")
  • Blow The Whistle (7")
  • Blow The Whistle (7")
  • Blow The Whistle (7")


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