93 til Infinity Souls Super Bundle (w/ T Shirt)
LabelGet On Down


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Limited to 500 we have our exclusive "Souls Super Bundle", a collaborative effort with Souls of Mischief to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of their landmark album, 93 'til Infinity.
The Souls Super Bundle Includes:
- A “Hiero Light Box” outer case with a 4.5 inch blue LED-lit Hieroglyphics logo - activated by a hidden button on the case. The iconic ‘third-eye’ logo glows in radiant neon blue when the button is pushed! The “Hiero Light Box” also holds the “Souls of Mischief Music Book” in a distinctive slide-out drawer emblazoned with the Souls graf-style logo.
- A 2-CD “Souls of Mischief Music Book” package with a unique CD casebook that plays the song “93 ‘til Infinity” when the cover is opened. It houses two CDs which include the full album plus 11 extra remix and instrumental tracks (8 never before on CD, including exclusive “93 ‘til Infinity” a capella which has not been previously released in any format.) This deluxe 2-CD hardcover “Music Book” also includes 36-pages of liner notes comprised of images and group interviews by Eric Arnold (from 2013) and Joseph “Jazzbo” Patel (from 1993).
- A 2-LP deluxe gatefold edition of 93 ‘til Infinity(with the same liner notes as the “Music Book”).
- An exclusive Souls of Mischief x Get On Down T-Shirt, available in black or white with front and back print.

Consisting of MCs A+, Phesto, Opio and Tajai (with production by A+, Domino, Del the Funky Homosapien, Jay Biz and Casual), East Oakland’s Souls of Mischief burst onto the scene in the early ‘90s with an impact that few other West Coast artists had at the time. Culminating in the release of their classic debut, they created a bouillabaisse that was most parts West Coast swagger but – similar to The D.O.C. and Cypress Hill – with a sonic approach that could just as well have stepped off the streets of New York City.
Recorded in less than two weeks at San Francisco’s Hyde Street Studios, 93 ‘til Infinity doesn’t suffer from a single freshman jitter or misstep. It’s a fully-realized effort, packed from start to finish with ridiculous lyricism – all carried out in impressive four-part, tag-team style – and backed by a wide range of musical possibilities, from hard boom-bap to ‘70s CTI-jazz-sprinkled grooves. But without worthy music, the group’s high-level lyricism could have fallen by the wayside. Digging deep into crates that other producers had yet to mine, the production crew gave the quartet exactly what they needed, with unpredictable rolling basslines, dusty drums and jazz keyboard and horn stabs and swirls. Non-singles like “Disseshowedo” (produced by Domino and Jay Biz), “Batting Practice” (Casual), “Limitations” (Jay Biz, with Del and Casual contributing verses) and “What A Way To Go Out” (Domino) made sure that the fast-forward button remained untouched.
No matter the angle from which you approach 93 'til Infinity, back-in-the-day listeners and new fans will both find much to enjoy.

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