Monday, September 3rd, 2012
How to be Nice and Smooth Like Nice & Smooth
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How to be Nice and Smooth Like Nice & Smooth

As we approach the Back-To-School season, we all know having the newest, dopest gear is the biggest thing on the mind of every kid across the country. Making sure that you’re the most fresh-to-death as you bop into home room on that first day, is probably more important to any teenager than what his class schedule is. Fashion and Hip Hop share a relationship that extends back to the earliest days. Rap’s pioneers have influenced dress codes from the Dapper Dan days of yesterday all the way on through to today’s style-centric rappers.

Today Nice & Smooth’s sophomore album, Ain’t a Damn Thing Changed, celebrates it’s twenty-first birthday. In paying tribute to that release AND to help the young buck out there who hasn’t hit the mall yet, we went back through their videos and picked some must-have looks and fashion tips from their cache of videos. Rather than feverishly checking your favorite brand’s look book or constantly refreshing the home page of the new streetwear websites, we figured we could provide you with what the youngster’s call it, swag. So let us re-introduce some stylings of Hip Hop’s past, and maybe you too, can be Nice and Smooth like Nice & Smooth.

The Style: “Rap Full Denim Jackets”
The Look: Matching Jean Jackets
Video Inspiration: Sometimes I Rhyme Slow
Fashion Tip: Co-ordinate with your homey that both you rock your favorite designer jean jackets. Don’t worry about not being able to be told apart from one another, as you can accentuate your individual personalities by wearing different color undershirts or off-setting hats.

The Style: “Afrocentric Chic”
The Look: Bright Colored Silk Daishikis
Video Inspiration: Early To Rise [Also seen on the cover of their debut album, Nice & Smooth]
Fashion Tip: These loose fitting silk suits are not only fashionable and attractive, but they will keep you cool and comfortable if you ever feel the need to start doing the signature Greg Nice arm swing dance. For the ladies, make sure to grab a Sleeping Bag Records tee, which are appropriate for any Back To School Pool Party you may attend.

The Style: “The Washroom Collection”
The Look: Colorful Bathrobes
Video Inspiration: Hip Hop Junkies [Live, Yo! MTV Raps]
Fashion Tip: This very cozy look, balances out your softer side with your desire for easy access. Available in all of the primary colors, these 100% satin bathrobes, can be accessorized with other famous Hip Hop Bathroom looks such as: rappers with towels and shower caps.
Note: The bathroom look should only be attempted if and only when your male back-up dancers are wearing multi-colored jumpuits.

The Style: “Urban Athletic”
The Look: Sweat Suits/Running Suits & Sneakers
Video Inspiration: DWYCK [Live, In Living Color]
Fashion Tip: For any occasion there is a suit for your need, Whether you’re looking to find something from the either The Greg Nice Collection of African American College Alliance sweatsuits or Smooth B’s more athletic choice of the Nike Tracksuit, both will provide great look and comfort.

The Style: “The Gentleman’s Steez”
The Look: Black Suits, White Shirts & Canes
Video Inspiration: Funky For You
Fashion Tip: Pulling off this look is quite easy. Simply borrow two suits when you pick up Big Daddy Kane’s dry cleaning, mix with cane and voila, you are now part of the Gentleman’s Club. To complete the look, add accoutrements such as a half-filled cognac glass and/or a pinky ring.

The Style: “Educated Menswear”
The Look: Large lensed glasses, cream colored Suits, Derby hats
Video Inspiration: Funky For You
Fashion Tip: To channel that educated look this requires little to no shopping. Simply hit your pop’s closet and pull out a light weight colored linen suit and complement it with a pair of Jon Lennon-meets-Intelligent Hoodlum spectacles. To completely pull of this look, requires the proper headgear. No, snapbacks are not permitted here, simple pick any hat that was worn by Burt Young (Paulie Pennino) in any of the Rocky movies to make the cipher complete.

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