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Crunching Numbers: Masta Ace Videos
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Crunching Numbers: Masta Ace Videos

To celebrate the re-release of Masta Ace Incorporated’s criminally underrated album, “Sittin’ on Chrome“, we decided to re-visit the album seventeen years from its original release.

As we cracked open the Limited Edition 3CD Boxset and the nostalgia of the 90′s coursed through our veins, we realized a couple of things. First off let’s be clear, Ace one of the most unheralded, slept-on MC’s- period. From his early days as a member of the Juice Crew, on through to his most recent collaboration album with MF Doom, Ace has never really received the shine he deserved. In a career which has spanned over four decades, he is continuously overlooked and rarely included on the ever-so-prestigious list of ‘Greatest Rappers from Brooklyn’.

Now this album in particular, has not only held up over time, but actually, it has gotten better! The production, which was mostly handled by Ace himself under his moniker, Ase One, had a super West Coast sound and coming from a Brooklyn cat at that time, this was unfamiliar territory for an East Coast rapper. (Yes, this is before Going, Going, Back Back, To Cali Cali..)

As we continued our trip down memory lane, we had another important revelation. In re-familiarizing ourselves with the album, we realized what a serious influence all things car-related had on many of his tracks. You can feel it in the bass-thumping, trunk-ready beats. You can hear it in the verses of the songs. Duh, it’s even clear in the song names and album title. Whether it was rims, cars with kits, low riders, drop tops, Ace and the I-N-C both obviously had an affinity for whips, dudes loved ‘em all.

At this point we decided it would be fun to do a bit more investigating. So, as we’ve done in the past, we took to YouTube and dug through the collection of his videos from that era. What we discovered was that not only did his music hold a great influence of the car lifestyle, but his videos did too !! Car Shows, kitted-out whips, fly sports cars, trucks, rims, tricked out classics appear everywhere! See for yourself how the numbers breakdown.

Sittin’ On Chrome
Album: Sittin’ on Chrome
Year: 1995
By The Numbers:
Number of different cars in the video: 29
Number of gratuitous shots of cars with chrome rims: 9
Number of Women hanging out of convertibles or sunroofs in videos: 7
Number of Cameos: (Rap City’s Joe Clair, DJ Red Alert, Big L, Phife Dog, Dougie Fresh, Hak from Channel Live) 6
Number of Old School Cell Phones being Used In video: 2
Number of Flashing Headlights in video: 1

Born To Roll
Album: Sittin’ On Chrome
Year: 1995
By The Numbers:
Number of cars in the video : 132
Number you get when you add all the jersey numbers worn in the video together: 96
Number of times a Dayton Wire rim appears on screen: 33
Number of half naked hoochies in the video: 31
Number of car show trophies: 20
Number of women shaking their ass in the video: 16
Number of cars that bounce with hydraulics in video: 5
Number of lowered Astro Vans: 3
Number of Playboy logos shown: 2
Number of rims used on a trailer: 1

Jeep Ass Niguh
Album: SlaughtaHouse
Year: 1993
By The Numbers:
Number of head nods while chilling next to a car: 166
Number of guys doing omething suspect near a car: 34
Number of cars in video: 21
Number of times they show someone starting shit with their hands while chilling next to a car: 17
Number of car headlights turned on: 10
Number of times they cut to a posse walking in front of car: 6
Number of times they show cars in slow motion: 6
Number of times 40 oz’s being drank while chillin on bumper of car are shown: 5
Number of fried chicken cameos while driving: 2
Number of times a cassette is inserted into a car stereo: 2
Number of Benz Kitted Blazers with tinted headlight covers: 1

The I.N.C. Ride
Album: Sittin’ On Chrome
Year: 1995
By The Numbers:
Number of cars in video: 17
Number of cars with Rims: 11
Number of Car Grills Featured In Video: 6
Number of Cars with Hydraulics: 5
Number of Mustang 5.0′s In Video: 4
Number of Candy Painted Cars In Video: 3
Number of Notable Kool Keith Cameos: (Coolio, Xzibit, Kool Keith) 3
Number of Gold Grillz In Video: 2
Number of Source Vans In Video: 1
Number of Booming Speaker Shots: 1

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