Fat Boys (Deluxe CD Pizza Box Reissue)
Fat Boys
LabelTan Pan Apple
ProducersKurtis Blow
Release Date07.10.2012
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Available FormatsVinyl LPCD12" VinylUSB7" VinylBoxset10" VinylBundleCassetteFlexi DiscPrintBook


The Fat Boys were the highest profiled hip hop group in the early 1980’s next to Run DMC. They were part of the first corporate sponsored rap concert (Fresh Fest), they were featured in the movie Krush Groove, one of the first rap groups to travel to Europe, and they sold hefty amounts of records and continued to balloon throughout the decade. Their beginnings were humble like most but quickly catapulted into full stardom. Appearances on radio, TV, full tours, magazine spreads and they even had their own embroidered satin jackets! Their first single; “Reality” under the name Disco 3 was released unnoticed and that’s when their fearless management of Charles Stettler and Lynda West decided to bring in one of the hottest names in rap at the time to produce; Kurtis Blow. The single “Fat Boys” with Kurtis became a instant hit and it also became the new name of the group. Kurt enlisted his music team to assemble what became the debut album by the Fat Boys. Larry Smith (Run DMC’s producer and arranger), Davy DMX, Don Blackman, and a whole slew of other session players laid the raw backbeat for the three boys from Brooklyn to rock the house!

What separated their album from the majority of other rap records at the time was the pure rawness of the songs. The humorous element dominated the record but there was a prime roughness to their style that gave them a hardcore edge. Songs like Stick ‘Em, Fat Boys, The Place To Be & Human Beat Box easily display their boisterousness. The added jewels to this re-issue are the Mr. Magic (RIP) radio interviews. The growth of the group can be heard first hand between an early interview before their debut album and one after success. The unlisted 15th track is also a piece of lost audio history as it’s Mr. Magic announcing the Disco 3 as the winners of the Tin Pan Apple After Dark Dance & Rap Contest at Radio City Music Hall (May 23rd, 1983); where the group got their record deal.

This deluxe reissue serves up the classic rap album for the first time in 28 years, fully remastered with all the necessary ingredients...ALL YOU CAN EAT!


Tracklist / Audio Samples
Jail House
Stick 'Em
Can You Feel It?
The Place To Be
Human Beat Box
Don't You Dog Me
International Love
All You Can Eat
Fat Boys Promo (Rap Attack)
Fat Boys And Charlie Stettler Interview
Fat Boys Interview A
Fat Boys Interview B

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