Meets Rockers Uptown (Deluxe Boxset)
King Tubby
LabelGet On Down
ProducersAugustus Pablo
Release Date08.21.2012
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Available FormatsVinyl LPCD12" VinylUSB7" VinylBoxset10" VinylBundleCassetteFlexi DiscPrintBook


Within any musical style, there are a few select works that resonate so strongly with audiences that they come to define the genre itself, taking on a mythical quality that transforms the album into something greater than the sum of its individual parts. Meets Rockers Uptown, the 1976 collaboration between producer instrumentalist Augustos Pablo and visionary dub engineer Osbourne “King Tubby” Ruddock, is one of those historic releases. The album, which features Pablo playing melodica, clavinet, piano and organ, contains some of the greatest dub songs of all time, including Jacob Miller’s “Baby I Love You So,” and the darkly seductive title track. The chemistry between Pablo’s beautiful “Far East” signature sound and King Tubby’s meticulous attention to sonic detail results in an album the Virgin Encyclopedia of Reggae says is “regarded by many as one of the greatest dub albums of all time.” While we here at Get On Down remain satisfied with the results of our still in print CD format of this album, we were given an opportunity to explore a different avenue with this title for a vinyl issue. We took that opportunity and ran with it! The package contains the full length album spread across three pieces of vinyl, a 16 page book, and is housed in full color hinged box secured with a magnetic clasp. We even went a step further with this release and sent the original version to our audio labs to be painstakingly remastered a second time to ensure 100% flawless audio sound quality. This record has truly NEVER sounded better. This is the definitive version of King Tubby and Augustos Pablo’s historic collaboration. Enjoy!


Tracklist / Audio Samples
Keep On Dubbing
Stop Them Jah
Young Generation Dub
Each One Dub
555 Dub Street
Braces Tower Dub
King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
Corner Crew Dub
Say So
Skanking Dub
Frozen Dub
Satta Dub

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