Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde: The Singles Collection Music Box
Pharcyde, The
LabelDelicious Vinyl
Release Date04.21.2012
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Available FormatsVinyl LPCD12" VinylUSB7" VinylBoxset10" VinylBundleCassetteFlexi DiscPrintBook


In Honor Of The 20th Anniversary Of The Pharcyde’s Debut Album, Delicious Vinyl Is Proud To Present Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde The Singles Collection.

Originally released in November 1992, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde emerged at a time when gangsta rap dominated what people were hearing, seeing and buying, especially on the west coast. The Pharcyde's refreshing sound – lively, humorous and inventive lyrics over lush, jazzy productions – changed hip hop's trajectory and influenced a generation of artists. In the last twenty years, Bizarre Ride has solidified its reputation as a five-star classic beloved by critics and fans alike.

The Contents Of This Astonishing Set Include: . An audio snippet of “Oh Shit”!!! plays when the cover lid is opened.

. Seven 7” records pressed on seven different colors of vinyl and housed in replica mini jackets.

. A double CD package with 24 tracks featuring seven instrumentals (one previously unreleased), five acapellas (four previously unreleased) and six remixes, plus a bonus track taken from a rare, vinyl-only promo 12“.

. A large 21”x28” poster and a 120-piece puzzle, both featuring the album's iconic rollercoaster cover art by Fuct.

. Detailed liner notes written by album producer J-Sw!ft, along with never-before-seen vintage photos of the pharcyde.



Tracklist / Audio Samples
Ya Mama - Single Version (Side A)
Ya Mama - Instrumental
Ya Mama - A Cappella (Side B)
Ya Mama - Matt Dike Remix
Ya Mama (U.K. Edition) - J-Sw!ft Remix (Side A)
Ya Mama (U.K. Edition) - J-Sw!ft Remix Instrumental (Side B)
Soul Flower (Remix) - Single Version (Side A)
Soul Flower (Remix) - Instrumental
Soul Flower (Remix) - A Cappella (Side B)
Soul Flower (Remix) - Wrong Tree Remix
Passin' Me By - Single Version (Side A)
Passin' Me By - Instrumental
Passin' Me By - A Cappella (Side B)
Passin Me By - Brixton Flavour Remix
Passin' Me By (Summa Madness Edition) - Fly As Pie Mix (Side A)
Passin' Me By (Summa Madness Edition) - Fly As Pie Instrumental (Side B)
Otha Fish - Single Version (Side A)
Otha Fish - Instrumental
Otha Fish - A Cappella (Side B)
Otha Fish - The Heavy-Head O.G. Mix
4 Better Or 4 Worse - Single Version (Side A)
4 Better Or 4 Worse - Instrumental
4 Better Or 4 Worse - A Cappella (Side B)
I'm That Type of Nigga (Straight Up Faded Mix) - (Bonus Track)

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