Various Artists
LabelGet On Down
Release Date11.22.2011
$14.98 - $19.98
Available FormatsVinyl LPCD12" VinylUSB7" VinylBoxset10" VinylBundleCassetteFlexi DiscPrintBook


Inspired by a German documentary about the emerging breakdance phenomenon in Los Angeles, the 1984 film Breakin' is for many a reference point for the explosion of hip-hop in the United States and across the world. With it's colorful cast of characters and dazzling array of dance moves, the movie became an international hit and the soundtrack captures the sounds that inspired a entire generation of breakers and b-boys to push their craft to new heights. Anchored by the Billboard Top 10 hit single “Breakin'...There's No Stopping Us Now” by Ollie & Jerry, Breakin' pulses with the electric funk beats and early hip-hop flavors—including The Bar-Kays “Freak- show on the Dance Floor” and “99 1/2” by Carol Lynn Townes —guaranteed to get the dance floor rocking. Featuring additional appearances by Chaka Khan, Re-Flex and a young L.A. rapper named Ice-T (who also appears in the film), the Breakin' soundtrack is an essen- tial album for all breakers, poppers, lockers, b-boys, and b-girls, or any fan of hip-hop and disco. In continuing their commitment to producing first-class reissues of landmark records, Get On Down is proud to present Breakin' in a brand-new CD release, featuring remas- tered sound and a reproduction of the original movie poster, all presented in six-panel digi-pak.


Tracklist / Audio Samples
Ollie and Jerry - 'Breakin...There's No Stopping Us'
Bar-Kays - 'Freakshow On The Dance Floor'
Hot Streak - 'Body Work'
Carol Lynn Townes - '99 1/2'
Ollie and Jerry - 'Showdown'
3-V - 'Heart Of The Beat'
Fire Fox - 'Street People'
Re-Flex - 'Cut It'
Rufus and Chaka Khan - 'Ain't Nobody'
Chris "The Glove" Taylor and David Stoors - 'Reckless'

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